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IDAS demographic reports

Service portfolio

The IDAS demographic reports service adds demographic data to the standard performance indicators of your site (Web and MEW only) – Page Impressions, visits, and clients. For the first time this allows you to determine the age and gender of your website users. An evaluation of the data is possible on the level of the site as well as on the level of site codes. You do not need to change or add anything to our measuring instrument on your website!

Ordering / Contracting

You can order the IDAS demographic reports service by sending an e-mail to, giving the site ID(s) and, if applicable, the codes – if you also select this option.

If you are not already participating in the agof study, the processing of the technical clients must be activated in order to be able to provide you with the IDAS demographic reports service. For the technical evaluation of the socioinformation age and gender, these will then be processed further


Please note that you should check the data protection declaration of your site with regard to the further processing of the clients and adjust it if necessary

Processing time

The service will be set up for you within 5 working days. You can then view the data via your known IDAS account.


The term of the service begins with the setup and ends with the termination of the service or the termination of the measurement contract for the corresponding site.

If the service is ordered by the 10th of a month, this month will be counted as a whole month. In case of registrations received after the 10th of a month, the term of the service begins with the 1st of the following month


The notice period for IDAS demographic reports is 4 weeks to the end of the quarter. You can send an e-mail – with a reason for cancellation – to the following address:

If you cancel the measurement of the site, the service expires automatically.


A monthly fee of 50 € is charged per site. Depending on the number of codes booked, there will also be an additional monthly fee of 30 euros for every 10 fixed codes. VAT is not included in the prices. The invoice is issued monthly

Changes to the code selection

If you also book an evaluation at code level as part of IDAS demographic reports, you have the option of changing the selection of codes you have booked and the number of codes on a monthly basis. Please send us the new or changed codes by e-mail to by the 25th of each month at the latest.

Data acquisition

The demographic reports are based on our audience measurement system and thus on a crosswebsite solution for collecting performance data for the German digital advertising market. The basis for our demographic values age and gender is the cross-website measurement of the use of technical clients (e.g. a browser). Using this data, a client journey can be created across all websites that use our measurement system for marketing purposes in the German digital advertising market. This includes well over 90% of the marketing relevant websites in Germany.

Through this journey the system recognizes the use of the individual clients of a site and calculates the age group and the gender per client.

Data availability

We provide IDAS demographic reports in the form of data for gender and age for each site ID as proportional client values in the aggregation levels hour, day and month. The values can also be calculated for you per site code (see above). These data are available as daily or monthly data.

The gender is divided into the categories “male” and “female” as well as an undefined proportion “unkown”.

The age is divided into different age groups. The age groups available are “16-19”, “20-29”, “30-39”, “40-49”, “50-59” and “60-99”. Clients outside these age groups and unidentifiable age groups are grouped as “unknown”.


After ordering the service, you will receive an order confirmation from us with all contractual information. The service will only be set up when you confirm this order summary.

After the service has been set up, the data will be made available via your familiar IDAS access. The data for age, gender and codes (additional costs) can be found there under the menu item Demographic reports and exported as usual as a PDF or CSV file.