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Measurement with decentralised JavaScript

Technical integration


Notes on the use of decentralised JavaScript measurement

INFOnline does not recommend measuring your site using decentralised JavaScript. Please note that this constellation entails the following disadvantages:

  • Within the scope of operating and further developing the SZMnG measurement, it is necessary to make use of the updated version of the measurement script. These required adaptations to the measurement script are not automatically transferred over to your system.
  • The delivery of the measurement script through your system is not monitored by INFOnline monitoring. Disruptions to the transfer and the consequential loss of coverage will not be automatically recognised by INFOnline.
  • INFOnline does not accept any liability for the accurate determination of the usage of your website.
    – Higher operating effort and additional costs will be incurred by you.

Organisational requirements

Before you begin with the integration of JavaScript measurement, please ensure that

  • the measurement with decentralised JavaScript service for your site has been ordered from INFOnline.
  • the exemption applications from IVW and/or AGOF have been approved.
  • INFOnline has sent you the JavaScript specially prepared for your site.
  • INFOnline has confirmed setup in the SZMnG system and has provided the required technical information for implementation.

Technical requirements

The JavaScript specifically created for your site should be loaded by you onto a web server that can be accessed from the internet. It should be possible to access the contents encrypted via https.

Please ensure that the web server has sufficient resources to make available a reliable and highperformance JavaScript, also in the case of usage spikes on your site. INFOnline cannot provide support for solving problems that are the result of the execution of the JavaScripts hosted by you.


Deviating from the standard tag integration (refer to the document INFOnline Integration Guide SZM Tag), the JavaScript path must be correspondingly adjusted during integration into your website:


Hinweis: Der Aufruf im HEAD-Bereich darf keinen Zeilenumbruch enthalten.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://<Ihre Domäne>/<Ihr Pfad>/iam.js"> </script>


A request in the HEAD area may not contain any line breaks.


After you have integrated measurement with decentralised JavaScript into your site, please contact the INFOnline Service & Support Team again. INFOnline will verify implementation of the integration and grant approval for the integration, provided there are no objections from the point of view of the measurement system.

Please note that this approval is only valid for the integration state at the moment of verification and INFOnline cannot assume any responsibility for an accurate measurement.

The following content is currently only available in German –
please contact our Customer Service if you have any questions.


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Die Kosten für die Messung mit dezentralem JavaScript werden wie folgt berechnet: