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Additional Codes

Additional codes

A site may comprise a maximum of 3,000 active codes. Codes are described as active if there has been at least 1 page impression for them during the previous 90 days.

The monitoring comprises the display of the active codes on the dashboard of the INFOnline Customer Center, updated daily. In addition, the number of active codes per site is checked regularly at the beginning of the month and the owners of sites with more than 2,800 active codes are notified automatically.

Ordering and Technical Details of Service Provision

The service Monitoring maximum number of active codes need not be ordered separately, but is made available directly with the registration and the technical setting up of your site (= assignment of site ID) via e-mail as well as in the form of a message and portlet display in the INFOnline Customer Center.

Term and Cancellation

The service Monitoring of active codes is made available under the standard customer contract. Accordingly, the period of validity for the service starts with the registration and the regular setting up of a site for performing measurements using the SZMnG process and will end when the customer contract for the site is terminated.


Should the specified maximum number of 3,000 active codes be exceeded, the following fees will be charged per site:

Number of active codes

Fees per quarter & site

up to 3,000 active codes


3,001 – 5,000 active codes

50 €

5,001 – 8,000 active codes

100 €

8,001 – 10,000 active codes

300 €

from 10,001 active codes*

300 €

(*) Please not, that the data processing, the display of your site and the use of INFOnline tools is only functional if less than 10,000 codes are displayed in the Customer Center. If there are more codes, the data processing and functionality of the tools cannot be guaranteed.

If you use too many codes in the Customer Center, please contact our support
( so that the codes can be deleted from the system. Please note that the deletion is a fee-based service.

Please contact our support for more information.