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App filter

This service may only be commissioned with the approval of IVW and made available by INFOnline.

Service portfolio

Filtering of defined measurement impulses in term

The App filter serves for filtering out specifically defined measurement impulses in term from the measurement. The definition of an app filter HAS TO include the following parameters (filter criteria):

  • Site ID of the app
  • App version including mentioning of the Bundle identifier
  • Code
  • Event(s)


  • Site ID: mapinfon
  • Version, Bundle identifier: 2.0,
  • Code: Startscreen
  • Events: viewAppeared, ViewDisAppeared

For every App filter, you can indicate up to 5 events that shall be filtered.

The filter criteria are AND-linkings which means that all criteria of a measurement impuls has to comply with the criteria, in order to enable the filtering. If you order the App filter with several events, there will be a filter for every event. After the activation of the filter, all incoming measurement impulses that comply with the filter criteria will be filtered.


  • the App filter can only be used within measurement of mobile applications (apps)
  • the App filter reduces the determined use of your app
  • the App filter is consistently effective, this means that all requests that comply with the indicated criteria are filtered. For instance, it is not possible to filter only 2 of 3 measurement impulses from a triply counted event
  • you cannot restore filtered measurement impulses later
  • The App filter is effective from the moment of technical activation and terminates with the moment of technical deactivation. The app filter does not include corrections of measured values
  • From the SZMNG system’s viewpoint, the app filter service is a Prio 2 service. Therefor INFOnline reserves the right
    • To reject the setup of ordered filters
    • To deactivate App filters without announcement in case of system critical circumstances. In this case, you will be informed promptly about eactivation as well as the time of a possible reactivation.

Activation and Deactivation of the App filter

Activation of the App filter

Once you have placed the order for the App filter service, INFOnline will check if it is possible to set up the filter as you wish. Part of the check is, among others, to examine possible effects on the operation of the entire system and if all necessary parameters have been indicated.

If the examination is successful, INFOnline will set up the filter and inform you and IVW about the activation.

If it is not possible to activate the filter, the INFOnline Customer Service-Team will contact you in order to clarify the further procedure. There will be no costs if the app filter cannot be activated.

Deactivation of the App filter

SZMnG calculates the number of measurement impulses that are filtered by the app filter. Immediately after the end of a calender month, INFOnline will evaluate how many measurement impulses have been filtered with regard to the entire PI volume. If the app filter affects less than 2 % of the entire PI volume of the app within one month, the filter will be deactivated within the first three working days of the following month. This verification does only happen if the app filter has been set up for the entire calendar month.

After the deactivation of the filter, INFOnline will inform you and IVW digital.

Limiting and framework conditions

Registration / Custome

INFOnline customers can order an App filter for their app. You can place the order of an App filter via the order center of the INFOnline customer center.

Then, INFOnline will check if it is possible to set up the service within two working days. If the examination is successful, INFOnline will confirm the order and the App filter will be set up.

Duration and termination

The service begins with the setup and ends as soon as the described deactivation takes place or the customer contract will be terminated.

The duration will be determined monthly. Concerning filters that have been set up before the 15th of a month, the month will count as an entire month for the duration. Regarding filters, that have been set up after the 15th of a month, the duration will start with the first of the following month.

You can terminate the App filter any time with a notice period of five working days prior to the end of the month. If you terminate the filter within the first three month that are included in the initial package, there will be no refund.


The costs for the App filter will be calculated as follows: