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Additional Logins

Service portfolio

When registering, customers are provided with an INFOnline customer login for each customer account and a separate INFOnline site login per site for managing their customer and site data in the INFOnline Customer Center ( which are free of charge.

In addition, the customer can order and use an additional login with access to the INFOnline Customer Center or to individual INFOnline tools (e. g. IDAS) via email to for his INFOnline customer account that is also free of charge.

Separate logins for using the INFOnline SZM-Checker are generally free of charge. Additional INFOnline logins – except for SZM-Checker logins – are available to the customer via the chargeable Additional Logins (special and marketer logins) service.

Ordering the service Additional Logins

Please order your additional INFOnline login via email to
In case of orders from third parties, the approval of the site owner must be given for legal reasons. If requested by the client, the INFOnline Customer Service team will request approval from the site owner via email. Communication with the site owner takes place in coordination with the client and is tracked in the INFOnline ticket system (returns, enquiries, objections, etc.).

The following data should be given by the customer in the email:

  • Which tool components (Customer Center, IDAS etc.) and access rights (write or read permission) should the login contain?
  • Site portfolio: name and ID of the site(s) 
  • Contact details for the login user: name, email, telephone, company, department
  • Recipient of the access data: email
  • If approval by the site owner is necessary: Is support by the INFOnline Customer Service team required?

The duration of the installation depends on the scope of the requirements and possibly required approvals.

If any queries or similar should arise at any point in the setup, the INFOnline Customer Service team will contact you for clarification

Duration and termination

The duration of the Additional logins service (special or marketer logins) begins with the confirmation by INFOnline that the login has been set up.

If the measurement of sites is terminated, they are automatically deleted from the additional login. The Additional Logins (special or marketer logins) service may be terminated with a notice period of 4 weeks prior to the end of a quarter. For this purpose, a termination order must be sent by an authorized contact person of the client via email to

Changes of the access rights or of the site portfolio of additional logins must be ordered by an authorized contact person of the client via email to

The withdrawal of approvals for assigned sites must be sent by the respective site owner via email to


For the service Additional Logins (special and marketer logins) a one-time setup fee of 50 € (net plus the currently valid VAT) will be charged. Depending on the number of sites/site IDs included in the login, an annual fee will be charged.

The setup fee will be charged after sending the access data to the specified recipient

The costs consist of the one-time setup fee and the number of additional login:

The invoicing of the annual fee takes place on a quarterly basis, at the end of each quarter.