The INFOnline team – Working Together for You

Qualified and motivated INFOnline employees guarantee the operation of our complex measurement infrastructure, comprehensive support, top-class consultation, and professional project management.

Our team, currently 40 strong, consists of IT specialists and staff with business-related backgrounds.

Executive and Management Board

5-Star Management Excellence – the INFOnline GmbH Executive and Management Board:

Executive Board

Dr. Christof Rieck

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr Christof Rieck has been managing the business of INFOnline since November 2011. In this role, he reports directly to the company’s shareholders. A Bonn native and physics graduate, his introduction of SZMnG laid the foundations for the INFOnline of today’s work as a complete provider of Digital Audience Measurement.

Wolfgang Lanzrath

Chief Operative Officer (COO) Deputy CEO

Wolfgang Lanzrath has been responsible for the company’s operational business both within the company and as COO since the establishment of INFOnline. In addition to internal management, he is responsible for the development and, above all, the implementation of strategic and structural planning. He coordinates the alignment of INFOnline according to defined goals and results.

Management Board

Andrea May

Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Andrea May has been working for INFOnline since 2005, and after holding various positions in the company, she now leads the customer service team and the marketing department. With her many years of hotel and event management experience, she attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and efficient, service-oriented processes. In 2015, she was responsible for the introduction of the new INFOnline corporate design.

Dr. Claudia Eschner

Chief Projects Officer (CPO)

Dr Claudia Eschner has been with INFOnline since 2010 and has been responsible for the Projects & Consulting division since then. She brings many years of experience and extensive knowledge of project management. Multiproject management and strategic change processes are her main focus.

Steffen Passmann

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

After training as an application developer and studying business information systems in Cologne, Steffen Passmann gained experience with an IT service provider. In 2002, he joined our newly founded company. Six years later, he took over the Technology division and played a key role in the development of the new measuring system.