Our SZM)+ product – much more than measurement

Our innovative product SZM)+ delivers results which go far beyond calculating reach. Our product’s advantages are impressive: We developed SZM)+ to be able to offer you even more services and corresponding support. Our range is divided into two parts so you can easily see the benefits at a glance:


Our advertising media measurement szm-base-200

  • Measurement based on a user-friendly, central HTML/JavaScript-based procedure
  • Compare your sites with our measurement: desktop sites, mobile-enabled websites and mobile and TV apps
  • Your measurement data at a glance – easy to understand and near real-time – in IDAS (INFOnline Data Analysing System)
  • Measurement configured to suit you: it’s easy and user-friendly in our Customer Center
  • Measuring your sites in accordance with AGOF and IVW standards >> your path to IVW reporting and digital facts


Our individual customer solutions szm-custom-200

  • tailored precisely to your needs
  • customised monitoring and reporting
  • additional quality assurance measures
  • informative indicators
  • custom-built special analyses

Our Service & Support team is happy to advise you on how SZM)+ can help you.