Our data privacy code: There is secure. And then there is INFOnline!


Anonymized measurement data

Using our measuring procedure SZMnG we collect anonymized data about website, app and mobile-enabled website usage. No personal data is being collected at any time. By shortening IP addresses (IP anonymization) we assure to protect your identity.

Secure server location in Germany

All anonymized data we collect are being processed and stored on our high security data centres in Germany. INFOnline employees as well as external partners are sworn to secrecy by contract.

Optional opt-out function

All users can opt out from SZMnG measurement using the opt-out function. This prevents your website visits from being added to the statistics.

Service orientated data privacy

We offer a commissioned data processing agreement as well as a data privacy statement for all our customers.

Data privacy officer

Data privacy is a personal concern to us. The data privacy officer Peter Mühlemeier  is looking forward to answering all your questions.

ADV + TÜV certification

Audited and determined as data privacy compliant.


There’s secure, and then there’s INFOnline!

Audited and certified data privacy!

Data privacy Contact

If you have any questions about data privacy, please contact our data privacy officer via datenschutz@INFOnline.de