What our company can do for you – INFOnline at a glance


  • are a successful digital audience measurement provider founded in Bonn in 2002
  • measure use of over 1200 websites and around 800 mobile services (apps and mobile-enabled websites)
  • work with our own independently developed next-generation innovative scalable central measurement procedure (SZMnG)
  • measure over 50bn page impressions, around 5bn visits and 800m clients per month using SZMnG
  • process data from our measurement system in our fail-safe data centres
  • monitor all relevant servers and services 24/7, 365 days a year
  • operate five service centers and assist our customers with technical and administrative queries
  • boast a skilled team of over 40 full and part time employees
  • train staff in various careers and are always happy to employ interns in our company