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Download your IDAS measurement data in XML format.

Your benefits

You profit from

  • the provision of measured values on an hourly and daily basis
  • the structural representation and simple processing possibilities
  • technical support and organisational service by INFOnline

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Detailed download information

INFOnline Manual XML Download Version 1.8 (1.07 MB)

This manual offers the technical details to the fee-requested INFOnline XML Download service in the SZMnG measurement system as well as the data formats of the XML files and the access options to the files.

INFOnline Service description XML Download Version 1.2 (373.42 KB)

This document offers a brief description of the INFOnline XML Download service, the organisational and contractual conditions and the framework and limiting conditions for its use.

INFOnline Servicebeschreibung XML-Download Version 1.3 (250.56 KB)

Hier erhalten Sie Informationen zu den vertraglichen und organisatorischen Bedingungen sowie zur technischen Einrichtung und Funktion unseres Services XML-Download.

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