SZM)+service - Noscript measurement

INFOnline’s advertising media measurement uses JavaScript technology, which enables effective and reliable usage measurement of your website.

However, you do not want to use JavaScript technology on your website, or you want to measure the small proportion of users who have not activated JavaScript on their mobile device?

Then please contact us, we will be happy to offer you our fee-based NoScript measurement service!

Your benefits

This service allows you to perform the measurement using only an HTML tag. However, please note that the noscript measurement has technological limitations.

Furthermore, you must apply for a special permit if you are published by IVW or if your site participates in the AGOF daily digital facts study.

You would like to book the noscript measurement?

Please contact us. This is a custom solution!

Detailed download information

INFOnline Service description NoScript measurement Version 1.1 (76.92 KB)

This document offers information about the organisational and contractual conditions of the INFOnline NoScript measurement service.

INFOnline Integration Guide NoScript measurement Version 1.1 (61.32 KB)

This document describes the technical integration of NoScript measurement into your site.

Ausnahmeantrag NoScript Version 1.0 (259.97 KB)

Bei Beauftragung des Service NoScript, senden Sie bitte auch diesen entsprechenden Ausnahmeantrag mit ein.

INFOnline Servicebeschreibung NoScript-Messung Version 1.2 (110.98 KB)

Hier erhalten Sie Informationen zu den vertraglichen und organisatorischen Bedingungen sowie zur technischen Integration unseres Services NoScript-Messung.

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