SZM)+service - Newsletter measurement

Your benefits

You profit from

  • a free service
  • in addition to the measurement of classic websites also from those of the hits of your HTML newsletters
  • Booking of the newsletter measurement via the Order Center in the Customer Center
  • technical support and organisational service by INFOnline

Book newsletter measurement

Simply download the document from our download area and measure your newsletter hits.

Detailed download information

INFOnline Integration Guide Newsletter Measurement Version 1.5 (68.38 KB)

This document offers information about the technical integration of Newsletter Measurement into your digital site as well as the limiting and framework conditions you need to know when using this measurement variant. Please register for this service first.

INFOnline Servicebeschreibung Newsletter-Messung Version 1.6 (68.59 KB)

In diesem Dokument erhalten Sie Informationen zur technischen Integration der Newsletter-Messung in Ihr Digital-Angebot sowie die Rand-und Rahmenbedingungen für den Einsatz dieser Messvariante. Bitte melden Sie den Service Newsletter-Messung vorab bei uns an.

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    In addition to our SZM)+base standard measurement, we offer you further services to turn Page Views into real performance indicators!