SZM)+service - Customer networks

With the INFOnline customer network you can view all your sites in a specially prepared and aggregated display in IDAS and/or XML download.

Resulting benefits:

  • optimisation of your resources + time: No manual summation of performance indicators
  • valid Visit performance indicators across all sites
  • transparency of total performance indicators for internal media research

You are interested in a customer network?

Just send us an e-mail to!

Which performance indicators are available to you in the customer network?

  • Page Impressions
  • Visits
  • Clients
  • codes
  • Cat 2.0

are the performance indicators that we make available to you for your customer network.

Due to the provision of data, including the apps, only aggregated performance indicators (no raw log evaluations) are available.

Optionally, you can also book the additional XML download service.

What sites can you add to a customer network?

You can add all sites to a customer network for which

  • the assignment to your customer login is given
  • you are a contractual partner
  • we have a written permission that you are allowed to view the data

Costs and terms

If you are interested in a customer network, we will make you a very personal and individual offer, tailored to your needs!

Contact us! .

  We would be happy to advise you on your individual SZM)+ advantages! .

Informationen zu unseren Produkten

In addition to our SZM)+base standard measurement, we offer you further services to turn page views into real performance values!