Technical measurement
+ testing period

SZM-Tag 2.0

The SZM Tag 2.0 consists of two code parts:

1. An external JavaScript file (integrated in the header)
2. JavaScript variables (integrated in the body area)

In the standard implementation, the SZM Tag 2.0 is embedded as a document.write() method. The Integration Guide describes how to change the SZM Tag 2.0 to an appendChild() or newImage() method. Please note that within dynamic content the SZM Tag 2.0 only functions in the appendChild() or newImage methods without conflicts.

Testing period

You register your site for a three-month testing period with INFOnline GmbH. Please note that the “Testing period” status does not have any impact or impose any restrictions on the nature of measurement, the display of data in INFOnline’s Customer Center or reporting of your data by the IVW and/or AGOF (if you are a member thereof).

We have set up a testing period for our customers:

  • So that you have time to implement the SZM Tag in their website
  • So that you can initiate the necessary registration procedures with AGOF and IVW
  • And to guarantee you a period in which you are bound by NO periods of notice.

Cost calculation tool + cost

Our cost calculation tool offers you an easy and flexible way to calculate the cost.

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