Technical information on the configuration of your site

Local list

In this module, you can view the current local list that we have saved for your selected site. You can edit, copy or view the local list history. After being processed by the INFOnline Customer Service team, all changes to the existing local list will become valid for the existing SZMnG system. Please note that editing your local list can have an immediate effect on the measurement of your site.

Domain management

If your web page is a “multi site” according to IVW guidelines, you can manage the different FQDNs (Fully Qualified Domain Names) of your site in this module (e.g. group/name groups) and view the data aggregated via FQDNs (page impressions) for a range of different periods of time.

Code Management

In this module, you can manage the allocation of codes to characteristics of categories for the category model 2.0. Here you also have the choice of entering the codes manually in Code Management at the outset or allocating the incoming codes continuously based on usage of your site. The module offers different views that allow you to list all your codes according to: only the allocated ones, all the unallocated ones, only the deleted ones or only the permanently blocked codes. Here you can also export your code allocation as a CSV file using a separate module and then re-import it after editing. Furthermore you can allocate characteristics, search for codes according to specific criteria and display a record of your last changes for several codes simultaneously.

Order Center

This module allows you to order additional payable options from INFOnline for your site. Here you can currently order a special QA for sites that have participated in the AGOF daily digital facts.

IO mailbox

The “Notifications” module provides you with an overview of all current as well as previous messages stored for you in the Customer Center.
This includes both general information, e.g. regarding the INFOnline Customer Service team, and specific information about your site, e.g. the code allocation rate for your site.


The SZM)+Checker offers all customers in SZMnG a way of receiving a record of incoming counting pulses for a specifically triggered usage process in the site: A tool you can use to check the correct tagging of your websites, for example.

Additional information on the SZM)+Checker can be found in the Downloads section:   icon-download-small SZM)+Checker-Manual

Site and customer profile

In this module, you can view and manage the master data for your site. Please note that changes will only be visible 24 hours later.

The contact information you provided for the site and technical issues must always be kept up to date. Information sent to the designated e-mail addresses is considered to have been received.

For more information, click on the Help button after starting the module.