Technical information on the analysis of your site


IDAS (= INFOnline data analysing system) is INFOnline’s leading statistics tool. It contains page impressions (PIs), visits, clients, events and URLs (depending on site type) and user agents.

Important note:  
Data must not be used in the site’s external communications for marketing purposes.

  • Page Impressions (PIs)
    One individual usage process, e.g. accessing a website.
  • Visits
    A visit describes a continuous usage process, limited to 30 minutes. Visits are calculated on the basis of page impressions.
  • Clients
    The “clients” parameter is purely technical and indicates which devices and/or browsers have used the site. The number of users who have actually used the site cannot be extrapolated from this parameter..
    The “clients” parameter is not directly associated with the reach demonstrated in AGOF studies.
    It is not possible or permitted to extrapolate “unique users” and/or “unique mobile users” from “clients”.
    The “clients” indicator may only be used for internal purposes. It should allow the site to perform its own quality assurance based on the data collected by INFOnline as part of the measurement.
    Please note that hourly data cannot be added up to create a daily total, nor can daily totals be added up to create a monthly total.

    The data displayed refers to the average number of various clients per hour or per day or month.

  • Events
    Events/actions transmitted by an app e.g. “view-appeared” when opening a news article in an app.
  • Useragents
    Browsers/end devices used
  • URLs
    Shortened website URL accessed by the user.