Our Pricing

The basis for pricing is the number of page impressions for your site as measured by the SZM system. For existing sites, the average of the monthly page impressions of the second annual quarter is used as the basis for pricing for the following year.

Our formula for calculating your annual invoice amount:

Average of the monthly page impressions from the second quarter of the previous year x0.51
(for existing sites)

  For a more detailed list please refer to our icon-download-small price list. You can also calculate your annual fee using our icon-link Cost Calculation Tool

Our Testing Period
We charge a flat fee of €300.00 for the 3-month testing period.

icon-prozent Our Discount
If you have registered more than one site with us for measurement, you will receive a discount of 15% on the annual fee of all your sites.

Our Additional Services
Alongside our measuring system, we offer you various additional services. These include XML download, log file provision, and code monitoring.
Please seeicon-link Services for a complete overview.

All of the prices given are subject to the currently applicable statutory VAT.