Your IVW membership

The main requirement for IVW membership is that your site has the characteristics of an advertising medium. This can be proven with a price list indicating which conditions apply for placing third-party advertising on a site.


An admission fee of €78.00 must be paid to the IVW.
For each IVW-associated site online media providers pay an annual fee which is based on the average number of monthly page impressions in the second quarter of the previous year.
Sites which have just joined IVW also pay a one-off fee for the obligatory membership check which shall be to the amount of 50% of the annual fee, albeit no less than €250.00 and no more than €500.00.

A precise grading scale for the annual fees may be found in the IVW fee schedule.


You can sign up to IVW by submitting a membership application via the IVW online media interface.
If the site’s media data is not available online, please enclose a print copy of your price list with your membership application. Membership applications submitted by a third party instead of the site operator cannot be considered.

To become a member of the IVW, your website must be measured by INFOnline. Please register your site with the INFOnline measurement using our Order Center.