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On this page, you will find all the key information on the topic of marketers at INFOnline.

Registration with INFOnline | Absorption of Costs | Discounting Regulations | Marketer Login

Registration with INFOnline

As a marketer, you have the option to register a customer’s site with INFOnline.

Please note the following points:

  • INFOnline accepts only the owner of the website concerned as a client/contract partner (must be the legal owner of the website)
  • As a marketer, you conclude a customer contract with INFOnline on behalf of your customer by completing the online registration procedure
  • You can register as the contact person for technology, the site, and invoicing (information must be forwarded to the customer/site owner)
  • If the invoice for the site is to be made out to you as a marketer, this must be specified during online registration (step 8: invoice recipient). In this case, written confirmation of absorption of costs (see below) is necessary to ensure that invoicing is clearly regulated

Note: If you as a marketer register a site with INFOnline, INFOnline requires you to have a corresponding agreement with the site.

INFOnline is not responsible for any legal consequences resulting from this process. Furthermore, INFOnline reserves the right to charge you for any extra costs arising from the lack of arrangement or contractual agreements between you and the site.

Absorption of Costs

So that we can invoice the costs for the SZM measurement of a site to you, we need written confirmation of absorption of costs from you, in which you explicitly confirm that you will assume the measurement costs for the XY site. You can send the confirmation of absorption of costs via email to Please also let us know the annual quarter from which you will be assuming costs for the site.

icon-prozentDiscounting Regulations

As a marketer, we also offer you the option of assuming the costs for a site at a later date. As soon as more than one site has been billed to you, we grant you a 15% discount on the annual invoice amount for all sites. For this, we will need written confirmation of absorption of costs for each site (see above). This must be sent to us at prior to invoicing. For more information, see our Price list.

Please note that it is only possible for us to send the invoice to a different recipient and thus to grant a 15% discount if we are notified of any changes to the invoice recipient in good time prior to the invoice being issued. It is therefore also important that you inform us in good time that as a marketer, you will no longer bear the costs for a site, as a retroactive refund cannot be guaranteed.

Marketer Login

To make it easier for you as a marketer to edit your sites, we are offering to create a marketer login for you. With the marketer login, we can summarise all of your sites for you, so that you can edit all your sites with just a SINGLE login. If you already have a marketer login, we only need a written request from the customer to add a new site to your existing login.