Technical requirements for AGOF daily digital facts

SZM tag 2.0 | Quality assurance | Timings

Implementing the SZM tag 2.0 and IVW membership

1. IVW membership:

  • Examination and monitoring the site by IVW
  • Separate contractual relationship with IVW
  • Separate costs incurred with IVW (in addition to agof costs)

2. SZM tag 2.0:

  • IVW standard
  • Assignment of page codes per page/area
  • Full site apparatus
  • Measurement by INFOnline GmbH
  • Separate contractual relationship with INFOnline GmbH
  • Separate costs incurred with INFOnline GmbH (in addition to agof costs)

3. Categorisation:

  • 3-tier category system 2.0
  • Full site apparatus

4. FRABO variable/InApp survey:

  • Variable-dependent JavaScript call via the SZM tag 2.0 or the SZM-Library with InApp-BFE (invitation ad) for onsite survey

Quality Assurance (QA)

In its role as the agof service center, INFOnline carries out regular quality assurance of digital facts sites on behalf of agof.

After registering your site with daily digital facts, the quality of the technical implementations will be ensured prior to the start of the quarter to be measured. Publication via daily digital facts is only possible after successfully completed quality assurance and approval from agof.


The dates for the next publication of daily digital facts, the sign-up deadline for the next study wave and upcoming quality assurance can be found on the agof website.