AGOF participation

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Become an agof licensee and get involved. Becoming a licensee allows you to participate in agof’s data collection and use the results to help market your site.

Contractual partners

If you are selling classic display ads i.e. online advertising using banners on one or more sites, you are a typical online marketer and are therefore eligible to take part in agof. In contrast to INFOnline’s site sign-up process, which is done by the website owner/operator, the marketer is always agof’s contractual partner. If they are self-marketing, however, website operators may also be agof’s contractual partner.


Use the agof online cost calculator to calculate the costs for becoming a licensee.


You can sign up with agof on the agof website.
Measurement of your site (desktop website, mobile-enabled website or application) by INFOnline is required for you to participate in daily digital facts. Please register your site with the INFOnline measurement using the Order Center.


The dates for the next publication of daily digital facts, the sign-up deadline for the next study wave and upcoming quality assurance can be found on the agof website.

AGOF participation

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