General data protection information

INFOnline operates anonymous online reach measuring systems.

The aim of the reach measurement is to statistically measure the use intensity and number of users of a website and to acquire comparable figures for all associated sites.

For this purpose, INFOnline operates measurement systems using the domain name “”.

For sites that are a member of the Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern [German Audit Bureau of Circulation] e.V. (IVW – or that participate in the “digital facts” study carried out by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung [German Online Research Working Group] e.V. (AGOF –, the usage statistics are published monthly by the AGOF and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung [German Media Analysis Working Group] e.V. (agma – as well as the IVW and they can be viewed at, and

INFOnline undergoes an audit of its data protection and IT security by an independent auditing company once a year as part of its certification.

The current certificate may be found in the Downloads section of our website.

Data collection and processing

Using an online service (website, smartphone application etc.) which uses INFOnline’s measurement technology triggers a counter which is stored by INFOnline. The IP addresses transmitted are shortened by 1 byte in the first step of the process and are only processed further once they have been shortened. Logfiles which contain shortened IP addresses are deleted within a period of no more than 60 days. Individual users are not identified at any point.

  • Website usage measurement

    When a website measured by INFOnline GmbH is being accessed, a cookie is stored on the Internet user’s PC, if permitted by the browser’s cookie settings. A cookie is a text file which does not contain any executable codes or spyware elements. The cookie can be found in your browser’s cookie list under “”. Cookies are valid for a maximum of 1 year. If the browser does not accept the cookie, a signature is created from various automatically transmitted device information (e.g. user agent, screen resolution etc.) and used to measure unique user processes.

    You may opt out from measurement on the following pages:  

  • Smartphone application usage measurement

    When an application using INFOnline GmbH’s reach usage technology is used, measurement data is collected and transmitted to INFOnline. The unique identification numbers of the devices transmitted as part of this process are already converted into a checksum on the end device before the data is being transmitted to INFOnline.

    This makes it possible to opt out from measurement by activating the opt-out function in the relevant application.

Data transmission

Depending on the end client’s mandate, INFOnline shall transfer anonymised measurement data to the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung [German Online Research Working Group] (AGOF e.V.) and the Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern [German Audit Bureau of Circulation] (IVW e.V.).

Information on AGOF and IVW’s data protection policy may also be found at


INFOnline uses the latest server and security technology to guarantee the maximum possible data protection and security.

Measured data is processed on our servers in highly secure data centres operated by INFOnline in Germany. Employees of INFOnline and external partners are contractually bound by confidentiality.